Our mission is to produce low impact, high comfort hemp goods to modern outdoors womxn in the pursuit of comfortable adventure.

Powered by hemp, we’re taking a natural approach to adventure apparel with the focus on sustainability, transparency and inclusion. We’ve pledged and stand in solidarity with the Outdoor Industry CEO Diversity Pledge.


Born in Seoul, South Korea, Jeein moved to the states and designed for brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Converse, J.Crew, Woolrich and Splits59.

She fell in love with outdoor climbing but didn’t fall in love with climbing clothes. Her options were either tight leggings or technical climbing pants. Neither felt right.

She was interested in making something better, but only if it made a positive impact; on the world, the industry, and the buyers. That’s where hemp comes in. The ancient fiber that’s natural, sustainable, durable, breathable and carbon negative.

After 18 months of R&D, Comfortable Adventure was born.


A Real Dirt Bag! Made from renewable plants & PBAT our shipping bags waterproof and strong yet compostable. So reuse them until you can’t and bury them in the ground to watch it biodegrate in 3-6 months.


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified dye meet worldwide textile standards for low impact processing, including ecological, social, and environmental requirements. Our dye house is in full compliance with City and State Standards.


Our dye house, the cutters and the sewing factories are within 15miles radius keeping our carbon footprint low wherever we can. All of our clothing are sewn ethically in Los Angeles.


Mother Nature is our muse. To keep her clean and beautiful, we obsess over hemp and other low impact fibers that bring us comfort and keeps the environment cleaner and shinnier.


Our goal is to create a history of motivating humans to implement and inspire change to keep this planet clean and colorful.
We stand In Solidarity with the Outdoor Industry CEO Diversity Pledge.

Looking Good