10 Things You Didn't Know About Hemp (But You Should!)

"Hemp isn't the same as marijuana, but they are related! Kind of like bouldering and rope climbing.
Only one will get you high" — Jeein Shin, the founder of Comfortable Adventures

I first got introduced to hemp when I used to design for Woolrich in NYC. It’s been on my mind ever since then and when I launched Comfortable Adventures, I knew it was the perfect material for adventure clothing that was comfortable and sustainable. More I learn about this plant, more it wowed me. So today, we are sharing 10 hemp facts about hemp you should know and why hemp is the star of the show for us. 

  1. Ancient: As one of the world’s oldest crops, hemp goes back to 8,000 B.C. In the US, the first American flags were made of hemp which was grown by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
  2. Versatility: Hemp is the most versatile plant in the world and is currently used in over 25,000 different products.
  3. Fast-growing: The yield of hemp is incredibly fast, taking an average of just 4 months to grow.
  4. Non-Toxic: Hemp crops don't require any pesticides, making it a safer and healthier alternative to conventional crops.
  5. Effective carbon sequester: Hemp is a much more effective sequester of carbon dioxide than trees. It absorbs 4x more CO2 than trees. 
  6. Less water: Compared to traditional cotton, it uses 75% less water to grow.
  7. Absorbs toxic materials: Hemp is so effective at absorbing toxic materials that it was planted in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown.
  8. Clean: Hemp naturally has antibacterial properties, resistant to mold, order-resistant, UV-protectant and breathable which means more play between washing.
  9. Compostable: Hemp promotes an abundant ecosystem for helpful insects like ladybugs and bees, and products made from hemp are compostable and can return to the earth at the end of their life.
  10. Non-Narcotic: Hemp contains no THC which means it’s non-psychoactive and is different from marijuana. Kind of like bouldering and rope climbing. Only one will get you high.
As you can tell, we love hemp. When it comes to producing earth friendly, high-quality, durable, and long-lasting fabrics, hemp is by far the best material that nature has to offer.
We believe hemp is the future of sustainable clothing. And by choosing to wear more hemp, you're making a better impact on our environment while staying comfortable no matter what adventure you get into next. 
Here are some other hemp brands we love:

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